Yessss I have jason in injustice now I can play him!!!


he does sound really young but god do i prefer it over jensen or something making him sound super super old (i feel like they do it to try and make him less sympathic, honestly? like “he’s an adult!! old! makes bad choices with no excuse!” so if he’s like, older with a young we voice, i feel better about it but maybe im reading too much into it lol)

Yeah I mean I’m not complaining about the voice. Jensen Ackles was honestly not the best casting choice, especially with how he deliberately makes his own voice deeper.

The voice only trips me up because of the Injustice timeline, which is years ahead of the main continuity.

Still, I like the voice.

Starfire was in the Phantom Zone too I believe, so if she’s out then…. Tim, Kon and Cassie should be too? shrug

Well, not necessarily. Nothing says they had to all get out together. 

I’m not sure if their fate was mentioned in the games or the comics though. They might retcon Starfire, but it might mean they are all out, yes.

honestly i really love injustice jason’s fighting style since it’s so bouncy with his own signature stuff (love watching that boy pull out his ol knife or gun) and it reminds me that he was a robin too. idk im just soft for reminders of robin!jason, the best nerd bean

ikr look at the tiny nerd child go.